What's New
  • Spurlbar v0.38 is released.
  • Spurlbar v0.37 is released.
  • Spurlbar v0.36 is released.
  • Spurlbar v0.35 is released.
  • Spurlbar v0.34 is released.
Other Stuff
  • Thanks to Areve for bug reports.
  • Thanks to Koszo Jozsef, for his contributions.
  • Merry Christmas to all the Christians out there.
  • Exams suck.

The spurlbar is an extension for FireFox, which lets you to use bookmarking service easily.
Spurlbar Extension is not directly affiliated with However it's planned to be. Once it's mature enough will offer users this extension. Thus best way to use service with your Firefox browser is currently this extension.

Changes with v0.38 (Minor Release)

  • Changed version numbers to make maximum FX version to 2.*.
  • Changes with v0.37 (Minor Release)

  • Changed version numbers to make maximum FX version to 1.5.0.* so extension will be compatible for minor security updates. (Sorry for acting late)
  • Changes with v0.36 (BugFix Release)

  • [BugFix] Fixed problems due to new dynamic spurlbar of
  • [BugFix] Fixed installing spurlbar does not make "Spurl As..." menu item visible.
  • [BugFix] Changed Spurl! text to Spurl This Page... in Bookmarks menu.
  • Edited small icons to be viewed better. Thanks to for their help.
  • Added "Spurl Bar Preferences" menu item to Tools.
  • Changed version numbers to make maximum FX version to 1.5.
  • Changes with v0.35

  • [BugFix] Fixes problem for FireFox v1.0.3.
  • [BugFix] Ctrl click now does open urls with tab, and only ctrl+middle click closes sidebar after openning link in tab.
  • Changed spurl version so that it'll be possible to measure how much spurlers are using FireFox extension.
  • Exclusive: Added "Open Category in Tabs" context menu item to spurl sidebar, so that users can open spurls in a category in seperate tabs all at once. That's not highly tested feature.
  • Changes with v0.34

  • [BugFix] Rigth click on categories, should not add spurl context menu.
  • [BugFix] Sidebar width should restored to previous state when close.
  • That does not work if you open another sidebar while spurl sidebar is open.
  • [BugFix] Spurlbar now uses correct bookmarklet urls.
  • Drag and Drop support. Now urls dragged over spurl toolbar icon should be spurled. Also drag over the category or tags on sidebar directly.
  • Added jp translation, thanks to Norah Marinkovic.
  • Some other minor bugfixes.
  • Changes with v0.33

  • Major bugfix for hungarian translation .dtd file.
  • Fixes for new spurl changes on sidebar url.
  • Increased right click link detection, now it see only spurls as links.
  • Exclusive: Adds 'Modify this spurl', 'Delete this spurl' and 'Copy this spurl' context menu items to sidebar that enable users to directly modify/delete/copy spurls.
  • Exclusive: Now clicking on links with ctrl on sidebar opens url and closes sidebar
  • Changes with v0.32

  • Bug fix, for german translation.
  • Changes with v0.31

  • Adds 'Spurl this page as...' to context menu that enables users to edit url before spurling.
  • Activates sidebar throbber so it informs users that spurltab is loading. (Need fresh install)
  • Major bug fix about spurling urls w/ '%&'
  • Better handling of links. Now images with links are also recognised as link.
  • Adds 'Open Cached Copy' and 'Copy Link Location' menu items to sidebar menu.
  • Bug fix. Getting selection for spurl window is fixed.
  • Middle mouse button on sidebar now opens the link in new tab.
  • Firefox Extention Auto Update function added. But still testing. We'll see if it'll work.
  • Better localization. Thanks to Koszo Jozsef for fix.
  • Added German (Mirko Scholz) and Icelandic (Hjalmar Gislason) traslations.
  • Changes with v0.3

  • Preferences window where you can disable spurlbar menu items and static width of sidebar. Even you can change the static width
  • Adds 'Spurl this frame...' to context menu for sites with frame.
  • Localization, currently supported languages are English, Hungarian and Turkish.
  • Adds new spurlbar and spurlit toolbar buttons.
  • Those are the functions finished and working. However there're some more functions that I want to add in future versions. And here's TODO:
  • A feature spurl users dying to see in that extension, waiting for mail to be receive by me. Hurry up.
  • Fast spurling that spurl site as uncategorized without bringing popup window.
  • Automatic import and export of bookmarks.
  • Auto addition of toolbar buttons to current layout.
  • Option for checking tabs and closing sidebar when tab is changes.

  • My e-mail by the way is here. Anyone who would like to help me out, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Lastly I want to acknowledge that wikalong extension and dictionary search extension sources helped me alot, or in other words made this extension possible. I want to thanks to their authors and contributors from here. Also help of Neil(away:) from #mozilla is invaluable for this work.

    Note: If you want to send feedback, take a look at the notes.html page.

    The spurlbar project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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